Differences in buying different types of strollers

2020-05-20 16:45:13 嘉兴哈雷童车有限公司 Viewd 2225

Many parents are concerned about the safety of stroller products. Recently, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has organized a random inspection of the province's electric toy products, and randomly checked 16 batches of baby stroller products from 16 companies in 4 areas of Ningbo, Jinhua, Taizhou, and Lishui, and all the products were qualified.

Baby carriages are vehicle toys intended for children under 14 years old and infants. In order to avoid accidents and unnecessary injuries in the process of using toys for children, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau reminds consumers to purchase and use baby carriage products. The following points should be noted:

First of all, as a product listed in the CCC catalog, strollers must be certified by CCC if they are sold in mainland China. Consumers should first check whether there is a CCC certification mark on the product when purchasing.

Second, different from other products, consumers may need to assemble themselves after buying a stroller. Correct assembly is an effective method to avoid injury during use. Therefore, you should check whether the product has an instruction manual at the time of purchase. Whether the instruction manual explains the assembly method of the product is detailed. After purchase, it should be assembled, used and maintained in strict accordance with the product manual to ensure the safety of the use process.

Furthermore, try to buy a stroller with a single function. Baby carriages are best "specially used for special cars" because the single-function baby carriages are relatively scientific and reasonable in structural design. In contrast, products that are one or more in one are sometimes inevitable.

There are multiple types of baby carriages. Different types of baby carriages will have certain differences when they are purchased.

When purchasing children's bicycles, it is recommended that consumers choose the bicycle of the appropriate size according to the children's age and height. Pay attention to the size of the brake lever of the hand brake when purchasing. If the size is too large, the child may not be able to hold the hand brake when braking, which will cause the brake to stop. The balance wheel on the children's bicycle should not be random when buying and using. Dismantling; the chain cover of the children's bicycle is indispensable. No matter what kind of chain cover, it is better to prevent the children from easily touching the chain, in order to prevent children from extending their fingers into them and being injured.

When purchasing a children's tricycle, consumers should pay attention: the tricycle must not have any pinch points that may cause injury; the pores on or between the movable parts that may be touched should be less than 5 mm or greater than 12 mm to prevent Children pinch their fingers; in addition, pay attention to whether the small parts on the tricycle are safe for children.

When choosing a stroller, in addition to the firm structure of the vehicle, also pay attention to whether the locking mechanism and safety device of the stroller are complete and reliable. If there is only a locking mechanism and no safety device, once the locking mechanism fails, It may cause serious injury to children. At the time of purchase, pay attention to whether the height of the stroller on the stroller is appropriate, and whether the straps, fork straps, span straps, buckles, seat belts and other devices are firm and reliable to ensure that children cannot use the seat belts and other devices during use Unstable accidentally falling out of the car and causing injury; when using the cart, adults should try not to leave the cart to prevent accidents.

When purchasing a baby walker, the stability, rigidity and frame strength of the product should be taken into consideration. In particular, the locking device should be checked for reliability to prevent children from jumping in the car and causing the locking device to loosen and the walker to fold on its own. Causes accidental injury; it is strictly forbidden to use in dangerous places such as uneven roads, slopes, stairs, bathrooms, kitchens and near electrical appliances.

When buying an electric stroller, the stability and maximum load quality of the product should be considered, especially the maximum speed of the electric stroller. For products with a speed greater than 8km / h, the adult walking speed of the child ’s guardian when playing is difficult to keep up. It can cause children to leave effective supervision and cause injury accidents.

In addition to the above types of products, when purchasing other toy vehicles, the stability and maximum load quality of the products should also be considered. Since such strollers are driven by human power, it is necessary to consider whether there are pinch and shear injuries within the range of children's hands and feet Hidden gaps.

In addition, for the plastic bags and plastic films in the packaging, in addition to paying attention to whether the thickness is sufficient (the standard requires an average thickness of ≥0.038mm), the plastic bags and plastic films for packaging should be collected in a timely manner and kept out of reach of children Throw away in a place or in time to avoid choking accidents when children are taken to play.