The prospect of foreign baby carriage market is optimistic, strong and durable baby carriage is more popular

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Recently, the British National Health Service issued a guideline recommending that children perform at least 3 hours of activity per day. This guideline resonated with the majority of British parents. Baby stroller products are considered to be the best equipment to encourage children to perform indoor / outdoor activities, and children can effectively cultivate the ability to control body balance and coordination during use. At the same time, in the course of such activities, children often need the assistance of parents, which virtually promotes parent-child communication. Manufacturers and distributors can proceed from this to grasp consumer psychology. Last year, the British toy market recorded the highest growth rate in recent years, which also made manufacturers optimistic about the prospect of the stroller market.

Manufacturers focus on product promotion

Kidnamoto ’s brand manager Hannah Strohmeier explained: “The current market development is healthy. The fierce competition between large companies is a good thing for dealers. Because suppliers focus on providing better supporting services, such as Marketing promotion, sales guidance and new product research and development activities, etc., to ensure that distributors get sales growth, and at the same time win higher market awareness and more business opportunities for their own brands. "

Michelle Lilley, the marketing manager of the small Tektronix UK, introduced some of the characteristics of the hot-selling products: "Taking Xiao Tektronix as an example, the color matching of the product is very bright, and it is also very eye-catching on the product shelf; the product packaging also uses rich Color elements, but the design is simple, and at the same time it can convey a wealth of information. In terms of supporting services for sales, we will provide terminal retailers with video promotional materials to make the product lively and three-dimensional in the eyes of consumers. In addition, Will encourage interactive display, encourage children to try. "

Functional pursuit of rich and diverse

On the other hand, the high extensibility of the function is also a selling point. A product can carry out targeted functional changes and extensions according to the needs of children at different age levels, which can not only expand the applicable age range of product coverage, but also improve the cost performance of the product.

Michelle said: "Our four-in-one tricycle series is very successful. Not only is it rich in features, but also has some of the characteristics that parents like, such as a clean cloth with a rag, soft and safe seat belts, durable silent tires, etc. . "

At present, competition in this field is becoming increasingly fierce, and more and more new brands are joining. Therefore, to break out, innovation is still the key point. It is reported that Xiao Taike is currently developing a 5-in-1 product.

 Strong and durable is more popular

 In addition, a very important feature of hot-selling products is "durability". Parents, grandparents and grandparents usually buy strollers and give them to the first child or grandchild as a gift for their first birthday. If the product is durable, it can also be used by siblings born in the future. Therefore, it is widely welcomed by consumers. Phil Ratcliffe, director of sales promotion at MV Sports, added that the baby carriage field and the toy industry have one thing in common: "The baby carriage field is also a reflection of toy hotspots, such as which hot products have appeared recently, especially the popular image authorization, related products immediately Will follow up. "