How to maintain electric baby carriage? Electric stroller use guide

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How to maintain electric baby carriage? There are many categories of children's electric strollers. Battery cars, electric cars, etc. are also children's favorite toys. The fast, simple and convenient electric strollers are popular features, but a relatively big problem of electric strollers is power supply and maintenance. , So how should the electric stroller be maintained?


Electric strollers use maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries, including 6V10AH, 6V7AH and 6V4.5AH.


After receiving the car, check whether the two wires on the battery are plugged in, and whether the battery and the power cord of the car are connected properly. Turn on the main power switch, pull the remote control switch to the remote control position, and use the remote control to check the forward and backward function of the car. Or put the switch board to the manual position and use the foot switch to check the forward and backward function. After confirming that there is no problem, carefully read the manual, and clarify the precautions before charging the car.


Note: When the car is charging, it must be operated by parents. The power supply of the car and the charger should be placed in a place where the baby cannot reach. It is strictly forbidden for children to charge the car.


Specific steps:


1. First confirm whether the two poles of the battery are connected. (Generally, the battery is under the seat of the car or the rear of the car. For details, see the description of the corresponding picture of the baby physical display).


2. Turn the power switch of the car to the OFF position. If some cars do not have the power switch, please turn the switch to the stop position between the remote control and the manual, or the stop position between the forward and backward switches. Some cars only have forward and backward switches, but no stop position, so please dial to the forward position.


3. Find the charging interface, some are round-mouthed, some are flat-mouthed, unplug the interface, align the charger's interface with the end of the battery, plug it in, and then plug the charger into the power supply .


4. The first charge should be 6-10 hours. After the car is tested, all functions are easy to use and then recharged. The new battery generally has about 50% of the electricity, that is, the battery has electricity, but the electricity is insufficient. So the new car should be charged before playing. Do not run out of electricity every time you use it afterwards. The car can be charged when it is driven slowly or with low force. Do not drive until the car can't be driven at all and then recharge. The charging time is about 8-10 hours each time.


5. The evaluation standard of the battery without electricity is: the obvious speed is slower than before, and the energy is insufficient. Or it is difficult to start, the light is dim, and the sound is soft. It has been used for almost an hour and a half. When these symptoms are found, they should be charged in time. If you do n’t charge it immediately, you may have electricity again if you leave the car for a while. Some parents will think that there is electricity and continue to play. In this case, excessive discharge may shorten the battery life. In the future charging, it will not be fully charged, and some customers react to how my car and car play for a while and then there is no electricity. It may be that the electricity is exhausted.

6. If the frequency of use is not high, after each use, turn off the main power switch, or move the remote control front and back switches to the intermediate stop to reduce running power, and ensure 2-3 charging times per month . Turn off the remote control switch after each use. If you do n’t use it for a long time, please unplug the two poles of the battery in the car, and remove the battery of the remote control.


7. If you do n’t use it for two consecutive months, you must connect the two poles of the battery and charge it again. If you are not fully charged, you should continue to unplug one pole.


8. It is recommended that electric strollers should be used frequently. Most video game cars are made of plastic, avoid collision, rain and exposure. Especially for the charging port, some car charging ports are installed on the body surface, pay attention to rain and moisture. Keep small parts from swallowing. When using the baby, parents must be around and pay attention to safety.